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We are the Up-to-datecie, currently consisting of Sophie, Boaz, Lars, Lotte and Carlo. Together we are creative, capable with computers, relaxed and have a high quality standard. We have an important task as a committee to keep you updated. Our committee is driven to inform you about upcoming activities with creatively designed posters and Instagram posts where we also have updates and stories of Nitocrans in the field. Every year we have a special side project as well, where we make things like calendars, magazines or custom card games.​



The Sportcie organizes sport-related events for Nitocrans to take part in. Activities can be anything remotely involving physical movement, and range from laser gaming to football to Wii tournaments. The Sporctie not only arranges these events but also has a great time while doing so​!


The Creacie is the creative committee of Nitocra. We keep ourselves busy with all things culturally related. Some of the events we organise:
Fun and diverse workshop evenings that can include arts like dance, design, clay, origami or music.
Culturally educative movie nights, where we often show documentaries that discuss topics beyond the scope of land- and water management we usually get in the lectures. For this, we often pair up with the organisation Movies that Matter.
Our main activity is the Candle Light, which happens twice every year. It is an evening where we invite our musically talented Nitocrans to perform in a laid-back, candle lit setting for other Nitocrans. Of course, non-musical, performable talents are also allowed ;) In winter we sit in a cozy living room, and during summer we replace the candles with a camp fire by the Rhine. ​


We are the Sensacie, a comission of Nitocra that organises the most fun activities for our members. We have organised nights out in Utrecht and Nijmegen, beertasting, beerpongtournaments and many more things. Each first wednesday of a period we organise a drink. Many Nitocrans are there to catch up with each other, have some beers and a lot of fun! 
This drink is called the Penny Lane and is very well known amongst BILers for its numerous themes and legendary "escalaties".
We hope to organise some of the best nights out for this year for you to enjoy.
We have many more amazing nights planned so we hope to see you there!


The goal of the Businesscie is to form a bridge between our members and a wide range of companies relevant to our study. We want to help our members familiarise with the work field and give them a better understanding of the possibilities after their study.

Throughout the year we organise multiple activities in collaboration with our sponsors and other interesting companies. These activities range from simple lunch lectures to workshops or even full day excursions.

We are all really excited to make your time here in Wageningen as interesting as possible, and we hope to see you at our next activity!


Hi, we are the Foodcie and we are the most tasteful committee of Nitocra! As the name already says, we organise food related activities. Mostly, our committee provides food for our fellow Nitocrans. Examples are pie lunches and the annual barbecue where we celebrate the end of the study year. Our biggest activity is the gala dinner, where we cook a fancy dinner for a lot of people. This is the activity where we can really show off our cooking skills ;).

However, we want to encourage Nitocrans to improve their own cooking skills as well, which they can do in for example the Running Dinner! It is also a great possibility for the different years to get to know each other.

We as the Foodcie also encourage each other to learn new recipes and such. That is why we meet a lot of times, which is of course really fun!​ 


Every year S.A. Nitocra organises the Parent day for all the family member of Nitocra members. We, the parentsdaycie, organise this big event. The whole day we entertain and inform the families of our members with interesting talks, lectures and a tour over the campus. We even visit the one and only World Soil museum and go to the Hydraulic lab. Not to forget, the best way to see the campus is by driving around in a tractor. We make sure that everyone has fun day and gets to know the families of their fellow students!


The Educacie is the commission of Nitocra which organises fun and educational related activities such as lunch lectures where guest speakers give lectures about interesting topics related to land and water management. We think it is important that students learn more from each other by telling about their experiences abroad, for example. We try to stimulate this by organising events such as internship and minor talks. Besides we want to involve student more in improving the BIL and MIL programme, we do this by evaluating the courses together with a group of students and talk about what are strong aspects of the course and where are possibilities for improvement. Last but definitely not least, the Educacie organises several walk-along-days for future students throughout the year. During this day, we show future student a tip of the ice-berg of our wonderful bachelor programme!


We as the Goodcie make sure our members have some merchandise to wear and show of to other people. As of this moment, we are really trying to expand our merchandise line, as we don’t have a whole lot of different merchandise to buy. We think of nice things for our members to buy, and then we make designs for people to choose from so that the most people like what we sell. Another thing we do is think of the design of all kinds of trinkets, or ‘hebbedingetjes’ in Dutch. These trinkets consist of things like pens, mugs, beer openers and more. We make no profit on the merchandise we sell as we keep the wellbeing of our members as one of our foremost priorities, just after designing the best merch ;). 

The Mastercie

The master commission (MasterCie) is a commission of the master International Land and Water Management which aims to organize various events throughout the year to connect fellow students and especially international students with Dutch students. So, the aim of the MasterCie is to help students engage of the master International Land and Water Management, especially with the upcoming field trip to Spain. This will be done by for example organising dinner nights, BBQ’s and weekend trips. Moreover, career and future focused reading will be organised to help students with a future career choice.