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Acacia Water is a (ground)water consultancy company based in Gouda the Netherlands. Our mission? Improving the access to clean and safe water. Smart, sustainable and practical solutions to water issues worldwide, that’s our ambition. Whether it concerns agricultural plots or global scale, Acacia Water is a sparring partner for governments, the private sector, and both national and international NGOs. Our experts are flexible and able to shift between different scales, and to integrate technical, social, and environmental disciplines. Acacia Water distinguishes itself by collaborating closely with universities, research institutes and local (implementing) organizations.

Acacia Water strongly believes that three factors are essential to addressing any water-related issue: the demand of local users, the preconditions set by the landscape – the natural system – and the expected yields & benefits of specific interventions. The power of our services lies in the integration of these elements. We apply our knowledge and expertise to a wide range of water issues. We work in the Netherlands and abroad, including developing countries. Acacia Water has specific experience in the field of rural water supply and water management in developing countries, especially in arid, semi-arid and coastal areas.

Acacia Water is your partner in:
- Sustainable WASH
- Climate Smart Agriculture
- Strategic assessments
- A System Specific Approach
- Resilient landscapes
- Resilient cities
- Innovative techniques

To ensure sustainability Acacia Water:
- takes a system approach;
- puts emphasis on stakeholder engagement and capacity building;
- screens all available practices, and weighs the best solution for each case;
- improves, innovates and evaluates; and
- moves beyond compliance, building ahead toward a better future.

About Acacia Water
Acacia Water is based in Gouda, the Netherlands. Currently the company has 35 staff members. Our staff has different backgrounds and is specialized in multiple disciplines, such as hydrogeology, water management, GIS, geochemistry, water economics and (human) geography. In the past ten years, our expertise and experience have been made available to a large range of clients, including UNICEF, EU, INGOs (funded by DFID, USAID, GIZ), national governments and multinationals. Current focus areas abroad are Africa, South-East Asia, and the Middle East. In the Netherlands, our clients are water authorities, drinking water suppliers, governmental organisations, and private companies. In the Netherlands we have a strong focus on Smart Agriculture, salinization, peat oxidation and Citizen Science. Check out our website by clicking here!